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Printing on products


silk printing

Compatible with small lots and short delivery times!

Make a plate of the manuscript, let the ink penetrate, and apply pressure from above to remove the ink from the plate material.

It is crimped onto the product, printed, and finally completed by a baking process.

Catalog cover Retoroma version-2.jpg

◆Compatible products: Standard products (excluding some)
◆Printable range: See printable range
◆Delivery time: Approximately 2 weeks after receiving the data (estimate)
(Curved surface printing takes longer than usual.)
◆Lot: 100 pieces or more

■Approximate silk printing range

This is an explanation of the printing range of silk printing.Please see each explanation for processing menus other than silk printing.
Please contact us for the exact printing range of each product.


*Basically, it will be a partial print, so please specify the design so that it fits within about 5 mm from the edge of the product.
*Small products (Mentum 10g, etc.) may not fit into the above 5mm range.

*The printing part is printed on the flat side of the product, and for round cans, it is printed on the body side.
However, depending on the content of the design, multicolor printing (two or more colors) may not be possible for surfaces or deformed parts.
*It is not possible to print larger than the printing area, but it may be possible depending on the content of the design.
Please provide us with your rough design and consult with us before placing your order. 
*For tapered products such as pail cans and buckets, the design and printing position must be confirmed.
I don't know if it's possible or not. (Consult with a printing shop)

Screenshot 2022-07-01 2.52.23.png

​ *Plate making fee is ¥13,000 to ¥16,000 (depending on size) per color (1 plate). Includes one proofreading

UV inkjet printing_02.png

UV inkjet printing

No need for a version! Full color even in small lots

Inkjet printing uses ink that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light (UV). Please leave the gold color and color adjustment to us. No peeling after printing.
It is possible to print with white as the base color, so it is not affected by the color of the material. (Also available without white background.) 

◆Compatible products*Other products are also available, so please contact us.

スクリーンショット 2024-04-24 14.24.46.png

◆Printable area: Flat surface only (height difference of unevenness on printing surface is up to 2mm)
◆Delivery time: Approximately 3 days after receiving the data
Week (estimate)
◆Lot: 100 pieces or more (100 pieces with different patterns is OK.)
◆Printing fee: ¥120~ (Varies depending on printing area, etc.)
*In addition to the printing fee, there will be a data editing fee and proofreading fee of 13,000 yen.
*If the pattern is different, editing and proofreading fees will be charged separately.

UV inkjet printing_01.png
UV raised printing.png

UV raised printing

When you want to create a simple yet luxurious feel

By using special ink only on the areas you want to stand out after silk printing, you can create a three-dimensional gloss.

◆Compatible products: Standard products (excluding some)
◆Printable range: flat surface only
◆Delivery time: Approximately 3 weeks after receiving the data
◆Lot: 300 pieces or more
◆Cost: Plate fee ¥13,000~ (Silk printing plate required separately.)
    Printing fee: ¥85 to ¥100 (Silk printing fee will be charged separately.)
*Costs vary depending on quantity and size.


Laser marking

Beautifully expresses graphics, with a finish that is different from printing

The data is processed on a PC and a laser beam is used to burn and discolor (mark) the metal surface. Text, photos, illustrations, etc. can be expressed clearly and beautifully.
Since it is baked, there will be no unevenness on the surface.

◆Compatible products: Standard products and some made-to-order products with a height of 5 cm or less
◆Delivery time: Approximately 15-25 days after receiving the data
◆Lot: 00 pieces~
Prototype/proofreading fee: 13,000 yen
   Laser engraving fee From 170 yen

*Please submit outline data.
*The price may be higher if there are many solid surfaces, images, processing area larger than 5 cm, or data is a clear print.
*Scorched carving cannot be done on metal or aluminum materials. Only tin material is available.  


Seal/label processing

Enhance your presence with the addition of different materials

By pasting or wrapping paper labels on cans, you can create a full-color can-like finish at a low cost.
I will accept a side job of pasting stickers. (Home work fee will be charged separately) *Please provide stickers and labels.  


Can box/rectangular S seal processing sample


Gift can paper-wrapped processing

Quick can S seal processing sample


Gift set/package

We can also arrange urethane.

Create an original gift by combining cans with watches and accessories. We will take care of everything from arranging the urethane and bags to completing the set.  

gift set.png

◆Minimum lot: 300 pieces ~
◆Color: Choose from 8 colors.
◆Material: Polyethylene foam
◆Delivery date: Approximately 1 month to 2 months

Maiame package can

We are proposing a package for the candy store "Maiame Kobo"

The tin can perfectly matches the packaging of the original candy "Maiame".

*For detailed explanation about Maiame
Please take a look at "Maiame Kobo".

Maiame package.png

Maiame size: approx. diameter 20 x thickness 8mm
PP bag size: approx. 58 x 36 mm

Example of using flat round can L

Example of using gift tins


Usage flow

Printing process icon01.png

Meeting and deciding on order details

*Please select an in-stock product.
*Decide the processing method, print size, quantity (confirmation required), etc.
*If you have not decided on a processing method, we will suggest a processing menu that matches your design.

Printing process icon02.png


We provide services that match your needs.


Submit your design

*We will take care of your design.
*If the data is incomplete, we will adjust the data. (Adjustment fees may apply.)
*We will confirm the designated printing position and proofread it, and once the customer has confirmed it, we will create a plate for silk printing etc.


Creating a plate (only for processing menus that require a plate)

*If you have any specifications for printing colors, etc., please let us know.
*If you request, we will print out a sample on OHP film.

Printing process icon05.png

Printing processing/delivery

We will take care of everything from arranging the urethane and bags to completing the set. (Separate work fee)

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